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About Word Counter

One of the characteristics of a good content description is that it is comprehensive. So, you can effectively deliver a message with fewer words.  That is where you need a word counter.

There are times when we have a word limit. In this situation, we need to keep an eye on the number of words. For example, a student may need to write a summary in specified words length. A professional may need to keep a proposal short and in a specific number of words.

So, using a tool such as a word counter would make this easy. You can simultaneously write and also check your number of words. In that way, you can limit the number of words. 

Our free word counter tool is there to help you see the details of the total words of your content. Copy and paste the piece of writing in which you wish to count words. Finally, with just a click, it will instantly show the word count and number of characters also.

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  • It is free and instant
  • Furthermore, It gives the total word count of your writing piece
  • It displays the total number of characters in your written content


Content writing is not an easy job. But when done right, it can make a huge difference. There are always some guidelines to follow when producing new content. Such as word count limit or limit for several characters. The goal should be to follow all the guidelines. A simple word counter will be of great use for you. 

Although it cant help you to produce the complete content correctly. But it can be its role that can make a difference.


Why is a word count limit important in writing?

The Word count limit makes your piece of writing more comprehensive and meaningful.

Does this tool have a limit to counting words?

No. You can check the total word count for almost any written content regardless of its length.

Do I have to register anywhere to use this tool?

No. Simple Word Counter is free of cost. Furthermore, it requires no registration. It can be used unlimitedly at any time.

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