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About Robots.txt Generator

Search engines like Google use a crawling mechanism to extract information from different websites. What is a crawling algorithm? It is a process by which Google sends a spider agent to your website that reads all information available on the web pages and saves it in the cloud. You can control how these crawlers access your website simply by using Robot.txt Generator.

Our free online Robot.txt Generator is a free tool that creates meaningful robot.txt to provide instructions to crawlers. This free tool allows its users to obtain a complete robot.txt file that contains various commands. Examples of these commands are “Crawl Delay”, “Sitemap” and “Search Robots”.

You can also create a robot.txt file manually. But that would consume more time and effort. For example, you need to enter a separate link for the pages you want crawlers to reach. The same goes for web pages you want to exclude from being indexed. This process will become hectic. Moreover, one wrong link can end up generating the wrong robot.txt files. Thus we introduce a free robot.txt file generator for our users.


  • It allows access to 15 different search robots
  • It is free of cost and time-saving
  • Six bars available to generate long restricted directories 


Webmasters today run their websites successfully by generating meaningful robot.txt files to control the activity of web crawlers. Search engines send these crawlers to all websites or webpages available in its space. The purpose is to collect information from the content of these websites and save it for the time of need. But this involuntary action of these crawlers can cause harm to your site.

For example, A site that is under construction and has broken links. Such broken links hurt robots. Because the crawlers can quickly crawl each page on your site including those broken links. That will negatively impact the functioning of your website. Such issues could be handled using our free and effective Robot.txt Generator.


What if my website lacks a robot.txt file?

In that case, the web crawlers and spiders could crawl to your website. Also, they could index all the web pages.

How can I control the unnecessary activities of web crawlers?

There are multiple ways to do so. However, using an efficient tool like our free Robot.txt Generator is by far the most suitable method. It saves your time by providing all the necessary directives which you can easily customize as per requirements. 

Can a Robot.txt file be used for various websites?

No. Each website requires its robot.txt file. So make sure to generate a new file for each site. You can use our free tool to do that.

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