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About Plagiarism Checker

One of the essential features of a good writing piece is that it is completely plagiarism-free. It does not matter from which background you come from, whether you are a student who wants to make your assignments plagiarism-free or a blog writer who wishes to produce quality write-ups, making your content plagiarism-free is the core aim. This plagiarism tool is all set up to help you detect plagiarism in no time. All you have to do is copy and paste the piece of writing you wish to check and you are good to go. provides a free plagiarism checker tool to all its users without any kind of registration problems. This is a free and user-friendly platform that helps you to make your content 100% unique within no time. Once you paste the target piece of writing in the box provided, within an eye’s blink it comes up with results by highlighting copied sentences and showing the overall plagiarism %. The user receives a full plagiarism report which includes the resembling resources.


  • This free plagiarism checker tool comes up with the following amazing features:
  • This tool can compare your content from sources available on a large number of websites 
  • This tool also comes up with a push-button rephrasing feature
  • It allows you to not only paste plain text for detection but also upload various documents format for checking plagiarism
  • This tool is also able to detect plagiarism on any given website. Just paste the URL!
  • This tool also has access to detect plagiarism from content available in the Internet Cloud-like Google Drive etc.
  • It generates a full plagiarism report and allows users to share it as proof to their boss/colleagues etc.


Plagiarism is an illegal act that impacts us all in one way or another. No matter the kind of content creator you are be it a student, teacher, blog-post writer, or even a researcher you would never want your content to be stolen and copied in any way. Further than that, if you abide by basic research ethics, you would also try to detect and remove any plagiarism from your content before submitting or publishing it. Thus facing the need to have an authentic plagiarism-checker platform becomes inevitable to make sure nobody has access to use your content without crediting you. 


Does this tool save or replicate my content or use it anywhere?

No. This is an efficient tool that detects plagiarism from your content and displays its report. Once you close the browser, all the uploaded data will be removed immediately. 

Does this tool detect plagiarism from any printed or written sources?

This tool can go through millions of websites to detect any plagiarism from your content. It will display every source which is available on the Internet.

How many times can I use this free tool?

This tool is designed to be used unlimitedly. However, per search, it can detect plagiarism from a written piece of a maximum of 1000 words.

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