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About Keyword Position Checker

If you are a website owner, you already know the importance of SEO and SERP. The root element on which both SEO & SERP are based is choosing the right keywords for your content. So, you would also want to see whether the placed keywords increase traffic density on your site. Also, you would wonder how to rank your website high on Google. One of the most efficient ways to do so is by using an efficient keyword position checker.

Our free online Keyword Position Checker is a web tool to detect your website’s position with every search through a given keyword. This tool displays the exact position of your website and the sites of competitors as well. Moreover, keyword Position Checker works in a few easy steps. 

First of all, paste the URL of the desired website in the “Domain Name” bar. Then add your keywords in the given field. Also, make sure to input only one keyword per line. Next, click on the “Find Keyword Position” button. Quickly, this free web tool lets you see results from a maximum of 500 positions, all with a single search. Try it now!


  • It is user friendly and checks the position of any given website
  • It is free of cost and requires no registration
  • Within one search, it can display results through 500 positions
  • Enter as many keywords as you want


It is the most common desire of website owners to rank their website high on various search engines like Google. You cannot do this by just fluffing your content with millions of keywords. Rather, only the keywords relevant to your content will help you draw traffic to your website. Our free online Keyword Position Checker allows its users to see the position of their website or even the sites of their competitors on search engines. Thus, users can select and place the right keywords onto their sites, and thus ranking their websites higher becomes a piece of cake for them! 


How many keywords should I add to see the ranking of a website?

You should check the most relevant and common keywords to see the rank of your website. Our free online Keyword Position Checker allows its users to enter as many keywords as they want to see the results.

How many positions can this Keyword Position Checker display in one search?

This keyword position checker tool has an extraordinary capability to show results of a maximum of 500 positions all in a single search!

Is there any website that is out of access to this tool?

Our free online Keyword position checker allows you to check the position of any active website by entering the correct URL.

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