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About Google Malware Checker - Free Website Virus Scanner

The term malware originated from Malicious Software. These are the kind of software which is extremely harmful to your computer devices. They harm your devices in such a way that they stealthily approach your device without letting you know and take away all your information. This results in many issues like your system drastically slowing down. Further than this, there is a great chance that your system will also crash. Other symptoms include spam and pop-ups etc. Malware is of various kinds. They can exist in the form of browser hijackers, trojan horses, adware, rootkits, worms, phishing, viruses, ransomware, spyware, etc. To find out whether your device is affected by any of this malware, we have developed a free tool known as Google Malware Checker

We have developed Google Malware Checker for webmasters so that they can secure the repute and originality of their websites. A threat like malware to your system is inevitable. There are numerous sorts of viruses and malicious software which are an acute threat to both your computers and websites. They often bring financial fraud; steal intellectual property and consumer information. While having your website exposed to such kinds of danger, it will be impossible to ensure the success of your business and the smooth functioning of your website. Therefore you will need a regular audit of your system and websites so that your business can become successful. In this regard, this tool will serve to be a great facility for webmasters and entrepreneurs. 


Google Malware Checker is a tool with the following features:

  • This smart tool is free and easy to use
  • Within one click, it will generate a complete report of your required website
  • To use this tool, no registration is required


There are many ways through which you can secure your website free from any viruses and malware. For instance, you can install complete anti-virus software to do so. However, this will be a lengthy procedure including some kind of cost. Moreover, it will not be able to detect malware like adware and spyware since they lack the features of a virus. Hence even after using anti-virus software, there will still be a chance for some malware to remain un-removed from your system. Hence, the need to use a smart tool like Google Malware Checker becomes undeniable. 


Does it require any registration to use Google Malware Checker?

No. We have designed Google Malware Checker completely free of cost. To use this no kind of registration is required. The procedure to use this tool is short and simple. Just visit the page Google Malware Checker | SEO Tools Factory and enter the desired URL. Instantly, our smart and fast tool will display a detailed Google report for your website.

Why is it important to scan my website for any malware?

The major goal is to save your website from all sorts of scammers who are likely to steal your information. Hence it is very important to first scan your websites for any viruses or malware before browsing them.

How can malware affect my website?

There are several ways through which malware can cause harm to your website. If your website is affected by any kind of malware, it will slow down and in most cases, the system will crash many times. Moreover, there are many financial threats and stealing of consumer data that your affected website becomes prone to.

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