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We all as internet surfers scroll and remember our favorite websites by their domain names. We either bookmark these domain names in our browsers or manually write them down in case any mechanical issue occurs in our system. But the question is, why is it important to know the IP address of a website or domain? Is not it enough to just remember the name of a domain? Why do we need to convert Domain into IP?

To understand this, we first need to know what is an IP or Internet Protocol. Internet Protocol is a set of unique numbers of a website so that the internet can easily recognize that website. An IP Address consists of four sets of numbers separated by dots. They look something like 1234.456.891.234. 
Imagine going to a town where there is no number of houses or streets. Would it be possible to identify who lives where? Hence, without IP, it will not be possible to manage the internet. 

There are many ways through which you can find out the IP address of your website. Many people use tools like ping or tracer to do so but the results do not contain ample detail. Hence we have come up with a smart tool known as Domain into IP. We have designed this tool to facilitate webmasters instantly finding out what IP address their website holds. All you have to do is visit Domain into IP | SEO Tools Factory and paste the correct URL of the required website. Within an instant, this smart tool will provide the Internet Protocol Address of your website.


Domain into IP has the following features

  • It is smart, free of cost, and user-friendly 
  • This tool can provide the IP address of any website
  • It also displays the country which hosts the website 


Along with giving the IP address of your website, Domain into IP also tells the host country of your website. This information can be very useful for webmasters as they will be able to know exactly who is providing internet service to them. Thus, if you run your business from country A, it is more likely that your internet service provider is based in country B. A wide range of web hosts is located in the United States. 


How can I convert my domain into IP?

You can easily convert your domain to its IP Address. All you have to do is simply visit Domain into IP | SEO Tools Factory and enter the correct URL of your website. Instantly, Domain into IP will display the IP Address of your website along with the host country. 

What is the Shared Web Hosting?

A shared web hosting occurs when two different domains have a common Internet Protocol Address. Through this, the virtual website hosts will have various hostnames through a single device and a common IP Address. 

Is it okay to have multiple domain names for your website?

Having more than one domain name for your websites is not an issue. The entrepreneurs often tend to purchase multiple names for their domain with a slight difference in spellings. The purpose is to avoid user errors and increase their marketing and advertisement. 

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