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Have you ever wondered how to determine the age of a website? To determine how long a website has been up, you should first look at the date that registered the domain name. is a one of the best site to charge with allocating top-level and country-code domain names. Almost 2,000 firms registered with ICANN as certified registrars to sell domain names. To maintain ownership, the website owner must register the domain name with one of these accredited registrars and renew it on an ongoing basis.

You can readily determine the age of a domain name by consulting the domain's registrar information. However, you may quickly determine the domain age using pre-built domain age checker tools accessible online.

How to Find the Age of a Domain?

There are three completely free methods for determining the age of any domain:

  1. Utilizing a domain age checker
  2. Using the WHOIS database
  3. Utilizing the Wayback Machine

1. Making Use of the Domain Age Checker Tool

Utilize the free domain age checker tool provided above, enter the domain name, and click the submit button. You will get the domain's age. The tool will display the domain's age in years and days, as well as the three following dates:

  • Date of domain registration - the first time a domain was registered online.
  • Domain updated date - the last time the registrar changed the domain record.
  • Domain expiration date — the date on which the domain will become inactive.

The domain creation date can assist you in determining the length of time a domain has been online. Even if the owner moves the domain to a different registrar, the creation date will stay the same as the date of the first registration.

2. Making Use of the WHOIS Lookup Tool

The second option is to use a WHOIS lookup database to determine the domain's age. Navigate to our free WHOIS lookup website, enter the domain name in the search box, then click the "Get WHOIS Date" option. You will get complete information on the domain, including its establishment date. Check the "Founding Date" section to determine the domain's creation date.

3. Making Use of the Wayback Machine

The last alternative is to take advantage of an online archive. The Wayback machine creates a snapshot of all websites, enabling web spiders that are not restricted by the robots.txt file to access them. Navigate to the internet archive website and type in the domain name. Essentially, the start date is closer to the domain's inception date. Bear in mind that this is a provisional date since the crawler needs time to reach the page.

Why Should You Determine the Domain Age?

Did you fall in love with any websites while perusing the web? Did you want to know how many years of labor went into creating that site? The straightforward solution to these concerns is to determine the domain's age. It indicates that the site was operational for that length of time.
In general, every popular website you visit on the internet has been there for at least five years. It can assist you in estimating the time and work necessary to create similar sites on your own.

Domain Age's Importance

It is a point of contention in the SEO community, with some stating that domain age is irrelevant, citing a video clip from Matt Cutts, a former Google engineer. However, we believe that the video's context is different. Almost none of us remember Facebook from when was a two-month-old domain. It is now a twenty-year-old domain. There are significant distinctions when an author writes an article on a popular website vs. a new one.

It's been a hassle for a new site owner to generate visitors, even with high-quality material. Additionally, it will take years to get visitors for high-quality material. It is a well-known truth among web admins. In other words, the age of your domain has a significant influence on your traffic.

Additionally, you can see in Google that older sites have a higher perceived worth and reachability than new pages in the same area. In our perspective, just as a person's expertise increases with age, websites will likewise gain automatic domain and page authority with time.

Additionally, experts argue that the expiration date serves as a signal to search engines about how long the site will remain up. Thus, it is prudent to register the domain name for a longer time to create your website rather than renew it annually. Register for the maximum ten-year period available and continue to concentrate on generating quality material. Your site will gradually gain popularity on search engine results pages.

As seen in the preceding instances, you may examine the domain age of your favorite and most popular news websites to get a sense of the length of time required to develop a trustworthy website.

Domain Entrepreneurship

Domain buying and selling are lucrative since older domains with a high domain authority often get higher prominence in search engines. Google formerly used a PageRank system to provide rankings to domains and pages. On the one hand, this provided incentive for web admins to enhance their rankings, but on the other, this was a massive industry. Individuals acquire and sell domains with a high PageRank and connections from such websites.

Though Google abandoned PageRank, some search engine optimization services to provide domain authority tools. When your domain has a high domain authority value, its selling price on the market will be much greater. Additionally, it is simple to sell high-authority domains on open markets.


Go ahead and begin checking IMMEDIATELY! Our bulk domain age checker provides fast insight into the history of a domain name. However, you cannot get information on how to improve your website's content and domain authority to achieve a better ranking in search results. All of the domain information provided by our tool may assist you in making an informed choice about acquiring a used domain name.

However, it would help if you did not judge only based on this one tool. It would help if you did a comprehensive investigation of the domain name, which we can assist you with using our variety of tools. All of such tools might be very useful in assisting you in making an informed purchase choice about an already existing domain name.

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