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When you click on a link that should take you to a specific website, it instead sends you to a page that displays a 404 error message. Broken links make the user experience unpleasant and harm your website's reputation. It's no surprise that having several broken links on a website is referred to as "link rot"-it's as horrible as it sounds. Using the SEO TOOLS FACTORY broken link checker will save you time and allow you to maintain the credibility of your website.

A broken link checker scans your page in a few moments and generates a report with broken links and status codes. The extension indicates which connections are active and which are inactive. It also offers a Chrome plugin designed specifically for web designers, SEO experts, and editors. Our service, AutoCheck, runs the Broken Link Checker on your website(s) continuously and notifies you of the results.

It's as simple as copying and pasting your website's URL into our broken link scanner to check its health and SEO. In two simple steps, you can review the report generated by our tool. In addition, for a more in-depth explanation of this core part of your site, visit our URL definition page.

Step 1: Type in your website's URL.
Step 2: Analyze the Broken Link Checker's Results


  • Checking by hand is free for singles and many sites.
  • Look for dead links on your websites and blogs.
  • Capable of scanning an unlimited number of web pages.
  • Internal and external links analysis
  • Highlights where faulty links are in your HTML
  • Checks internal and external/outbound URLs and highlights where broken links are in your HTML.
  • Our broken link founder tools also support some digital platforms.


Links that don't work are inconvenient and reflect negatively on your competence. Therefore they not only discourage users from staying on your site and returning, but they can also harm your search engine rankings. Rather than manually scanning all of your site's pages and browsing through all outbound links, let SEO TOOLS FACTORY do the work for you and summarise the connections that want your attention.


How can I check for broken links on my website?

Broken links may irritate users. Moreover, rank your site lower in search engine results. SEO TOOLS FACTORY's Broken Links Checker can help you find and fix broken links on your site; moreover, it will improve your site's search engine rankings and attract more online visitors.

How can I repair broken links?

Firstly you have to figure out the reason for the broken link. Is the link in the HTML source not correct? If so, you will need to fix it. Therefore, if the destination page has been deleted or renamed temporarily or permanently, you will need to fix it.

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