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Backlinks undoubtedly play a key role in the digital marketing of your content. Through backlinks, you increase the probability to gain more customers. 

When other famous and successful websites approach your webpage, they confirm your content’s worth. But sometimes, certain spam websites try to link up with yours. They either sell illegal or low-quality content. How do monitor such activities? How to monitor back-linking for your website? The answer is Backlink Checker. Using an efficient backlink checker will help you link your site to reputable ones. This makes sure that your content reaches the right audience. 

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Backlink Checker is a free web tool designed to regulate the backlink profile of our user’s website. Thus they can have better control over who should link to their site. Just enter the right URL of the desired website, and the Backlink Checker will instantly display the total number of backlinks of that site. Furthermore, it also gives an analysis of which keywords are attracting more links to your site. Also, it gives you a complete profile of the backlinks site.


  • Displays the total number of backlinks referred to your website
  • Detects the right keywords which attract more traffic to your site
  • Shows all the ‘follow’ or ‘no-follow’ links attached to your website
  • Allows you to disown any spam sites linked to yours
  • Provides a PDF report of backlink analysis for your website


Backlink Checker is a useful tool for website owners since it analyzes and regulates the backlink profile of their sites. This regulating process ensures increased traffic to one’s site. Moreover, it also monitors what sorts of websites are linked to your database. Along with the increasing chance of SERP for your website, Backlink Checker also makes sure that sites only with quality content approach yours. It blocks any spam or illegal websites from accessing your site. This maintains the repute of your website.


How to view the backlink profile for my website?

We have designed this tool to serve you the exact purpose. You can check the backlink profile of your site. Also, check for your competitor's sites.

How can I increase SERP for my website?

There are many ways to do so. One of the methods is regulating backlinks for your website by using the right keywords. Our free Backlink Checker detects the right keywords used in a link which attracts more traffic density to your website. 

How to know if there are any spam websites linked to mine?

The answer is Backlink Checker. By using this tool, you can analyze which websites link to yours. 

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