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About Article Rewriter

Have a bunch of workload and creativity is almost done? No time or energy to write a huge word count assignment? Have issues with correct sentence structure or getting errors in self-written articles? It seems like your creativity needs some break! But how? 

If your mind is stuck in the same situation, it's the right time to get an assistant ready to work at no cost! No cost___ yet outstanding written article.

Yes! You can now use an article rewriter or article spinner to rewrite content or paragraphs by copying and pasting into the text box and then clicking the "Rewrite Article" button to get precise and instant results.

Article rewriting involves replacing words, phrases, sentences, and occasionally entire paragraphs in a text to make it more unique and engaging. Our tool is one of the most widely used globally for a reason. Professionals, students, and newcomers alike choose to use our service for any writing-related issues. Our product includes an up-to-date database with greater precision.

Being a writer is not an effortless job to come up with new thoughts and words daily, and doing it manually, is even more difficult. 

Our online tool is created to assist writers with workload and quality content simultaneously. Our tool is one of the most reliable essay rewriters or spinner tools, performing modifications to the raw or published content automatically in the same way that a human can.

Why Use Article Rewriter?

At present, each person is working hard to meet both ends. Therefore, our tool helps people earn more in less time because we know that it is not wise to waste time when you can achieve something in seconds. Our tool is not only known to be a quality content writing service, but it's a real-life magician that turns an article into an entirely new one in a matter of seconds. You have to text, copy-paste, and leave the rest to the machine.

The article rewriter or spinner from SEO TOOLS FACTORY is created to help the user publish plagiarism-free material. It scans the given text and then performs the necessary adjustments to create a new shape of the given information without changing its meaning, thanks to the employment of complex algorithms in its development.

Now this, like said before could become highly frustrating. Another possible way is to hire someone else for writing service and that too would not be so cost-friendly especially if you have just started your business. Hence using automatic re-writing or paraphrasing services is the only smart solution to such sort of a dilemma. 

Article Re-writer or text spinner is a self-regulated operating system that can read and comprehend any given piece of text and re-write it in different wording. That is how an entirely new piece of writing is generated containing similar information to the pasted text while the originality of this new write-up is maintained as well. This tool is typically much useful for blog-post writers, content creators, or even students who have to deal with the bulk of writing tasks regularly.

How it Works?

It is not difficult to use this phenomenal tool; follow these steps below and get your desired well written error-free article in a matter of seconds:

Step 1: You have to visit our site or open the application and begin the rewriting.

Step 2: Transfer the document from your device or Copy-paste the text in the box.

Step 3: Click the Rewrite Article button to instruct the application to begin changing the content for you. 

Step 4: Inside no time, the device will show the rewritten article that you can use for all intents and purposes or make changes according to your necessities.

Step 5: Your well-written plagiarism-free zero error article is ready to publish.


Our article rewriter tool comes with the following key features:

  • It is time-saving since it produces results quickly
  • It is grammatically smart and can identify and correct grammatical mistakes from the given text
  • It is SEO friendly since it knows where to place keywords in the re-written text
  • Unlimitedly use at any time
  • It is free of cost
  • It can read and understand the text from any given format whether it is an image or a pdf or just plain text
  • Content spinning at a medium level
  • Provides a list of synonyms that is convenient, efficient, and free.
  • It's possible to alter the highlighted words.
  • Smart plagiarism removal
  • It is available to all users at no cost.
  • Simple to use
  • Up to date on all spelling and grammar rules
  • It's free to use several times.


The major goal is to help people overwhelmed by work and who don't have enough time to write an entire article manually. Every person's vocabulary is limited, and non-native speakers find it difficult to implement them. This tool surely makes to fix problems and restrictions a writer can face. Moreover, it is extensively used by both professionals and students and has many satisfied customers.

Imagine you get hired by a company and are required to write 1000-1500 words daily, or you are a student and have to meet deadlines for your essays and lengthy assignments. Well practically, it will not be possible to meet such abnormal requirements by manually writing every sentence. Free Article Re-writer and Text spinner tool has been designed for this purpose. This SEO-friendly platform is not only capable of re-writing a given piece of text but can also regulate your writings by detecting and removing any repetition or grammatical errors from them. All you have to do is just paste your content, click that button and within seconds a new piece of writing will appear.

General FAQs

Does this tool provide plagiarized content?

No. This smart tool can replace words with closely matching and relevant synonyms provided the adherence between sentences and paragraphs is maintained. Hence there is no chance of plagiarism and the final write-up is 100% unique and comprehensive.

Can Google detect spun text?

Yes. If the article is not spun properly then Google might be able to detect spun text. This tool ensures that the produced text is unique and original in every way.

Do I have to pay or register to use this tool?

This tool is completely free and can be used unlimitedly. It can be used at any time on your PC or smartphone. However, it does require a good internet connection to re-write the content.

Which article rewriter is the best?

The article rewriter is the best tool and is ranked as one of the most effective tools on the web. Our software spins text for free not just for PC users, But also for mobile users.

Is article spinning beneficial to SEO?

To some extent, rewriting content can help with SEO. It is not a problem until the text is detected by plagiarism detectors, at which point it may become a problem for the publisher.

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