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About Alexa Rank Checker

Through Alexa Rank Checker, you can easily find out the rank of your website on a global level. It ranks all the websites available on the internet based on their popularity. So if a website is ranked no 1, it means it is the most popular. Today, in the era of digital marketing, entrepreneurs realize how necessary the excellent functioning of their website is. Webmasters will make sure to use all the tools and strategies through which their website might gain more popularity. 

Alexa Rank Checker is a free tool to check your site's global rankings. All you have to do is paste the correct URL of the target website. Instantly, this free tool comes up with all the necessary details like global rank, regional rank, and total backlinks. Moreover, it will also give details of keyword research.


  • This free tool can tell both: the global and regional rank of your website
  • It also shows the country-wise ranking
  • Furthermore, It shows traffic rank that includes the percentage of frequent visitors
  • It also displays details of search engine traffic and gives details of the most popular keywords


It becomes challenging to run a website successfully. The webmasters would apply all the tips to ensure success for their site. Be it SEO or SERP, or targeting the right keywords. All these strategies can promise to maintain the quality of your content. But to seek popularity and recognition internationally, the Alexa Rank tool is a must.


How often does Alexa update the ranking order of websites?

It is an everyday process. There are a billion websites out there that are constantly struggling to rank higher. Thus daily rank update is necessary.

Does Alexa Rank Checker improve SEO and SERP for my website?

Directly no, but technically yes. Alexa rank checker shows both high traffic and low traffic-driving keywords. In this way, you can improve your selection of the right keywords.

Does Alexa require any paid subscription to rank a website high?

No. The results shown by Alexa are 100% organic. You can rank your website for a specific keyword with high-quality content. Also, both on-page and off-page SEO is vital for rank boost. 

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